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S6 Ep20, Moving Up

Sometimes you have to make the hardest climb to see the most beautiful sunrise. I read that once on an old lady’s decorative pillow. But it is really how I feel today. I’ve climbed a very weird and rocky mountain. And it was a pain in the ass and my legs are tired and I’m starving. But the sun is rising over a sea of love and waffles and possibility. So I’m just going to relax and take a deep breath and enjoy this view for as long as I possibly can.

• The Obelisk

In the warehouse, when Agent Hartley grabs the 0-8-4 (which we now know to be called ‘The Obelisk’) our old friend, mysterious alien writing, makes an appearance before vanishing.  When Skye and May arrive at Hartley’s side, Skye stares, transfixed, at the Obelisk, and the writing appears again, briefly, which only Skye seems to notice.

Thanks to Kala for pointing this out!

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